Very useful tip for our ladies.

Good morning my beautiful ladies,
I’m there this morning to help those that are suffering from vagina infection, known as yeast infection, that you can use garlic to cure it Sharp Sharp without spending much money,
What you need to do is to buy 5o naira garlic, with that 50 naira garlic IS only seven that you will use for seven nights,

Peel the garlic very well and use any Sharp object like pin to shook It for the water to come out,
After that insert It inside your vagina,
Once you insert It, if have any infection you feel pepperish that will only last for 5mins, but if you can bear the 5mins pain and allow the clove inside you, sleep with It and remove It with your hand In the morning.
repeat it for seven nights, My dear you will come back and thank me later.

But IF you don’t have any infection you will not feel anything.

This is the way to test your vagina whether you have infection,
It also good for itching.
Try it every six months.
There will be nothing like stain In your pant and also do away with vagina odour,

I have been doing it since I was in secondary school, and I can repeat my pants for 3 days if I wish to, no stain and no odour,

It has no effect.

Help your wife and girlfriend with this information for her to give a try,
If you have any questions just inbox me.
Or join the whatsap link for video on how to do it.